Nova Search Newsletter - March 2021

Thursday, March 18, 2021

How to help teams stay engaged whilst remote working


Balance and contrast are big parts of life. It’s why you can’t get a real vacation when you’re unemployed. Only when you’ve been spending time working can you completely enjoy your free time without feeling bad about it — at least, that’s the case for most of us these days — and you need to enjoy your free time to get through the working day without being overly frustrated.

It’s easy to split the personal and professional when you’re going to a regular office, but not when you’re staying at home, so people will struggle with balance. Help them out. Suggest things they can do in the spare time they’d normally put towards going out.


Humans like to team up in tribes, and we’re not generally great when left to our own devices. Now that coworkers can’t see one another in the office, they can become quite distant, and that doesn’t benefit anyone — so holding some virtual social events can really help. What do I mean by this? Well, virtual quizzes are becoming quite popular. Invite everyone to a Zoom meeting after work and have some fun. It’ll help colleagues reconnect.


Speaking of reconnecting, working remotely can lead to employees feeling professionally disconnected. Get up, start working, field the occasional message, and wrap up for the day: no major colleague communication required. In the office, conversation (and collaboration) is unavoidable, and it really helps the team spirit.

You should encourage your employees to team up on some work projects: either projects that already need doing, or projects you can devise that stand to help everyone. If you really can’t find anything suitable, suggest that they team up on projects outside of work. That idea of starting a business, for instance, is well-suited to collaboration.


You can’t have a strong team if the individual members are struggling, and concentrating on overall morale can lead you to miss critical personal issues that will only get worse if left unaddressed. Find some time for each of the members of your team, and generally ask about how they’re doing during this tough time. Are they sleeping well? Eating well? Feeling motivated? Lend them your support, and it will make a huge difference overall.

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