Unsuccessful interview? Here’s how to bounce back

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An unsuccessful interview can destroy your confidence. But, there is always ways to bounce back! Here are some of our tips!


  1. Don’t let it affect your confidence!


    It is very hard to stay positive after an interview hasn’t gone your way, but you have to remember there are plenty of opportunities out there and you must not give up! Not getting the job doesn’t mean there was anything you did wrong, you might have just not  had the experience they wanted/needed, it could just be a case of wrong place/wrong time. Keep your head held high and try to understand that while you weren’t suited to this job, you might be for the next.


  2. Ask for feedback


    It may seem easier to ignore the recruiter after the dreaded email but it is important to ask for feedback so you can use this for future interviews and know where you went wrong. This can also provide you with closure on why you didn’t get the job. More often than not, it’ll usually have something to do with your experience or skills not aligning with the job specification. Or that they’ve given the job to someone more experienced.


  3. Plan out your next application


    Take your mind off your unsuccessful interview by concentrating on key learnings for next time. You should always have a plan B on the go. So, if you do have a couple job adverts bookmarked, now is a great time to start working on your applications for those! Write down your feedback you received from the recruiter and plan out how to act on it.


  4. Keep employer details


Employers will always keep the details of unsuccessful candidates that have potential on file, just in case they’re a good fit for future vacancies. It is important to keep your cool and not burn any bridges. Keep in touch and you never know, you may land a job with the company in the future.


Every cloud has a silver lining. While you may be upset and frustrated after an unsuccessful interview, it’s all about looking for the positives in the situation. With each set-back you must by resilient and keep trying! Follow our steps and you’ll have your job in no time!

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