Nova Search’s Tips for Being a Better Salesperson

Posted on Tuesday, May 18, 2021 by Joey Dennerly15 comments
  1. Remember to promote benefits not just features

                    Being a Salesman or Saleswoman is hard. Often the person you want to sell to is busy or has other priorities. What some sales people do when they sell is focus on the features of an item rather than the benefits. It’s so important to highlight that what you are selling either a product or a service will enhance that person’s life.

                    Product: Let’s take a watch. A watch may have lots of lovely features, a pretty watch face, digital time keeping, a stretchy wristband, but what are the benefits of this watch? How will it improve that person’s life. Well, it will make sure that they are always on time for important meetings, they can tell how much time they have left to complete a task. They can tell if it’s morning, afternoon or evening and can plan their day accordingly.

                    Service: Let’s take recruitment, as after all we are a recruitment company. What are the features of our service. Well, we offer a competitive market rate, we have an HR Manager available 24 hours a day to help with any employment law queries, we have a substantial candidate database (all GDPR approved), we have years of experience.

                    Benefits to the Client. We can find you a candidate quickly and reduce your work pressure. We understand your market so we can find you the ideal candidate that will help your business to grow.

                   Benefits to a Candidate: With our experience we can give you advice regarding interview style which will enhance your chances of getting the job and improving your lifestyle. We know the best approach with regards to counter-offer or salary negotiations that will remove any stress for you.

  2. Honesty is always the best policy


    Whatever you are selling, it’s important to always be truthful. You should never make a promise that you can’t deliver on. We find in recruitment that honesty is always the best policy. If we can’t find a candidate within a particular timescale due to market forces, or the client is simply just not offering a big enough salary for the role, then we will feedback to the client. They will respect us for being honest and guiding them.


  3. Be knowledgeable about your client’s business


    Do your research. Always check the company’s website. We get so many calls here where the sales person selling to us just hasn’t made an effort to find anything out about us. It can be very annoying. You must not only know about your own business, but understand the issues that your potential new client has. Market intelligence is so important. If you are aware of the issues a client is facing that you can help through your service or product, then you are onto a winner and will succeed. Anything to improve that person’s life/workload is key.


  4. Love your business


    If you truly believe that you can BENEFIT (and that’s the key thing here) your client through the product or service that you offer because you know it’s the best, then you can be passionate about it and that passion and love for your product/business will show through. Your total belief will translate to the client and you will be more successful.


  5. Focus on your tasks but also the client’s needs


    A salesperson is always a busy one. They are pulled in many different directions. It’s so important that when you are dealing directly with your client (in our case a client or a candidate), that you are fully focused on their needs. You must learn to LISTEN. So many sales people feel pressure to get over to the client the reasons why they should use them, or buy from them but forget to listen to what the client really needs or wants.


  6. Be clear and always summarise at the end


    It’s key when you are a sales person that you are clear in your approach, what you are trying to achieve on that call or that visit, and always summarise what’s been agreed at the end i.e. so Mr Client, you need a Marketing Director for your business, you need someone with FMCG background, 5-7 years’ experience and can pay a salary range of £40k-60k, and you want them to start at the beginning of August. Is that correct? Bingo, you have clarity and everyone is on the same page.


    The same goes for candidates. Some inexperienced or poorly trained recruiters try to push square pegs into round holes. What do I mean by that? Well, a recruiter has a number of vacancies on their desk and they want to fill those vacancies. Recruiters may try and persuade a candidate to apply for a role that truly they don’t want or wouldn’t suit them.


    The candidate goes to a job interview and comes out angry because the role isn’t what they thought it was. This means that the recruiter hasn’t listened to what the candidate truly wants or in fact, the recruiter hasn’t communicated the role clearly and correctly to the candidate. This is a poor recruiter and they haven’t done a good job. It’s also worth noting that they’ve also wasted their own time as well as the client and the candidate’s.


  7. Be confident


    If you love your product or service then you can be confident. You will have lots of self-belief that your product or service will BENEFIT (there’s that word again), the client. Don’t hold back if you truly believe you will improve the client’s working life.


  8. Be competitive


    To be successful as a sales person, you are likely to want to continue to grow and succeed in your role. You will always be looking to develop yourself both professionally and personally, and be target motivated and lead.


  9. Don’t give up!


Often being in the right time at the right place is helpful when selling. You may find that at that particular moment, the client doesn’t need your product or service, but don’t give up. Schedule a future chat or discussion when things may have changed. Be aware of how their business is developing, gather intelligence, probe, you may find an opportunity that you didn’t know about initially. I’ve often found that perhaps the person I am talking to doesn’t have a need at that time, but they know someone else within the business that does. It’s all about building relationships and if you gain trust from that client, they will be prepared to recommend you to others within the business. Look at interactions as opportunity, not always for now, but for the future.

If you thought any of these tips helped you and you feel like you’d make a great salesperson please check out our sales jobs now live on our site! Follow the link below:

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15 comments on "Nova Search’s Tips for Being a Better Salesperson"

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