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Whether you are looking for your next exciting job role, or you are seeking an awesome new employee, Nova Search & Selection can help! 

We have worked across the more traditional corporate insurance industry, as that's where Nova Search & Selection cut it's teeth. But in the last few years, we have become heavily involved with FMCG Start-up companies, and really enjoy the vibrancy, passion and excitement involved with working with a start-up.

For a candidate, there is a lot to be learned at startups, and some people thrive in the sink or swim mentality often present in new companies. Since there is a lot riding on a start-up's success, emotions can run high and work loads can be significant. However, that high stress atmosphere can spawn great creativity, innovation, and reward. Anyone who has previously worked for a successful start-up company, usually wants to work for another one, as they have enjoyed the journey as much as they have enjoyed the destination.

With our experience of start-ups and SME’s we understand your passion for your products and your business and are able to pass on that passion to potential employees!