Welcome to Nova Search & Selection - We are experts in recruitment and HR across SME's and Start-up Companies

Please note that due to Covid 19, the job market has been quite badly hit. However a number of companies are still recruiting for staff, and our online interview platform is proving to be a valuable tool at this time for both clients and candidates.

Please do share your CV with us, as we know that the market will improve in due course, and it would be great to be prepared in advance. 

Whether you are looking for your next exciting job role, or you are seeking an awesome new employee, Nova Search & Selection can help! 

We have worked across the more traditional corporate insurance industry, as that's where Nova Search & Selection cut it's teeth. But in the last few years, we have become heavily involved with Start-up companies, and really enjoy the vibrancy, passion and excitement involved with working with a start-up.

For a candidate, there is a lot to be learned at star-tups, and some people thrive in the sink or swim mentality often present in new companies. Since there is a lot riding on a start-up's success, emotions can run high and work loads can be significant. However, that high stress atmosphere can spawn great creativity, innovation, and reward. Anyone who has previously worked for a successful start-up company, usually wants to work for another one, as they have enjoyed the journey as much as they have enjoyed the destination.

With our experience of start-ups and SME’s we understand your passion for your products and your business and are able to pass on that passion to potential employees!